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/images/da_DK/162X106 If you have a question about your company’s agreement,
you’ve come to the right place. Ask for your Account Manager,
who is the person responsible for your company. He or she has detailed
knowledge of your business, and is eager to
help. Or you can talk to your Key Account Manager, who has overall responsibility for the agreement. The Key Account
Manager is the person you usually see for follow-up meetings.
/images/da_DK/162X106 In Business Development we are working to develop, strenghten and streamline LeasePlan's products.
We have the overall responsibility for ensuring that the international rules of using our brand is respected. We also do newsletters, customer satisfaction surveys, articles in the press, customer events and especially customer loyalty programs. All this to ensure that we live up to our promise: "it's easier to LeasePlan".
Our vehicle administrators order the vehicles from our suppliers and take care of the administration until the vehicle is delivered.
/images/da_DK/162X106 Here you will find vehicle consultants who can advise you on your choice of new company car and also calculate quotes for company cars.
/images/da_DK/162X106 We are responsible for pricing and residuals. We work closely with dealers and importers to ensure that LeasePlan is always able to offer the latest prices and offers, whether you are a customer or a business partner.
/images/da_DK/162X106 When you return a vehicle, we’re the people that sell it. We handle something like 5,000 transactions a year. Most vehicles are sold wholesale to used car dealers. But as the cars fall outside the scope of registration tax, they become attractive to buyers throughout the world. That’s why we keep abreast of prices outside Denmark. We also perform valuations for early terminations, company liquidations and sale and leaseback arrangements.
/images/da_DK/162X106 We’re standing by to answer your call – whether you are a driver or a fleet manager for a company or local authority. You’re welcome to call too if you have any other practical questions – like when you can expect delivery of a car or when your fuel card will arrive.
/images/da_DK/162X106 It is our job to credit check new customer leads. We also review existing customers on an annual basis, using the most recent company accounts.
/images/da_DK/162X106 LeasePlan and Europcar have joined forces to make it easier for you to rent vehicles for any situation. For example, you might need to rent a car for new recruits during the probationary period, or for staff while they wait for a leased car.
Europcar supplies the cars and charges us directly.
/images/da_DK/162X106 In Car Accounting we maintain an overview of all costs connected to your company car. When your lease ends, we make sure to "close" your contract and post all costs.
Once we have sold your company car, you can get a temporary statement of costs, before we make the final settlement.
/images/da_DK/162X106 When you receive an invoice, it comes from us. We also make sure that customer payments go to the right place. It’s our responsibility to pay suppliers, and we register and pay the green ownership tax (road tax). We also have the job of recording and entering payments from customers.

We work hard to attract the right people, and we encourage them to develop their skills. The aim is to continue LeasePlan’s success.

Our work involves recruitment, training and development, internal communication, performance management, individual advice, event management and development, and policy adjustment.

/images/da_DK/162X106 We handle all internal support relating to IT systems and computer equipment. We also have an internal development department that maintains and develops our leasing system.

If your vehicle is damaged, we’re the people you need to call or write to. When we receive your damage report, we will tell you which service centre to use so the damage is repaired as quickly as possible. We also make sure that invoices are sent to the right place.

If you want an insurance quote, we can sort that out for you too. We also issue policies and red and green cards on behalf of Euro Insurances Ltd, which is part of the LeasePlan Corporation.

/images/da_DK/162X106 Procurement is all about strategic purchasing. We constantly strive to ensure that you, the customer, are treated as well as possible in terms of service, quality and price. Whatever the size of your fleet, you can work with our preferred suppliers to benefit from the economies of scale we can achieve.
/images/da_DK/162X106 We never stop monitoring the projects launched by LeasePlan, making sure they continue to be viable and perfecting them if necessary. We also focus on Risk Management and how we live up to internal policies and Basel II.
/images/da_DK/162X106 When you become a new customer, we are the first people you will meet. These initial meetings are an opportunity for us to tailor the solutions to meet your company’s particular needs and wishes. You will also see a live demonstration of our online reporting options and ‘Internet quotations’, our vehicle quotation tool.
/images/da_DK/162X106 Sales support collaborates closely with the sales team on finding the right solution for our clients. We prepare presentations and offers and respond to tender material. Furthermore the responsibility for coordinating the international cooperation between LeasePlan Danmark and our afiiliates is scattered all over the rest of the world
/images/da_DK/162X106 Do you have a question about things like servicing, tyre changes or repairs? You’ve come to the right place. We can also refer you to service centres that will be able to help you.
We also handle enquiries from authorised service centres.
/images/da_DK/162X106 We handle the buying and selling of goods vehicles and trailers. We also deal with those areas where goods vehicles are different from cars and commercial vehicles.



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