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If you are responsible for operating a fleet in a company or a local authority, fleet management means we manage your fleet in a way that ensures you get the best out of it. We do all the administration for you, and the arrangement means you minimise the risks associated with investing in vehicles.

A fleet management agreement has many benefits:

  • Your vehicle has a guaranteed value when you want to sell it
  • You know in advance exactly how much tyres, servicing and maintenance will cost
  • You can use a card to fill up with discounted fuel and help you keep track of consumption
  • We help formulate and manage the company’s or the local authority’s vehicle policy
  • You are entitled to a replacement vehicle while yours is being serviced or repaired
  • You get roadside assistance if the vehicle won’t start
  • You no longer need to worry about repairing minor or major damage or buying or selling vehicles
  • With LeasePlan Online you can access fleet reports over the Internet
  • You are invited to a quarterly meeting where we monitor your needs and wishes


Draw on our knowledge and experience of fleet management. Our expert advice means you’re certain to get the best out of your company’s fleet

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