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Our four values lie at the heart of the way we work and the service we strive to provide to our customers and partners. Here they are, with examples of how we put them into practice:  

I take personal ownership of my actions and I am always accountable for them I am eager to deliver what I promise, and will not rest until I have I proactively look for ways to improve customer satisfaction I contribute ideas to improve our activities, processes and solutions I play an active role in the business and make a contribution to our activities

I listen to my customers and proactively offer them the solutions that best fit their needs I look for new and better ways of doing things I know my job inside out and behave professionally I share my expertise with others in a straightforward and accessible way I learn from my mistakes and try my best not to repeat them

I speak with pride about LeasePlan and my work I show eagerness and a positive ‘can do’ attitude I acknowledge and celebrate successes I lead by setting a good example and by inspiring and motivating the people around me I greet people with a smile

I treat others with fairness and open-mindedness I respect other people’s feelings, values, culture and opinions I act responsibly towards people, planet and profit I treat information confidentially I adhere to ethical principles and act with integrity in everything I do


I take personal ownership to deliver what I promise

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I want to be the best in everything I do.

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I contribute passionately to the success of LeasePlan

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I treat others the way I want to be treated

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