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You normally need to return your leased car to the same dealer you collected it from. Alternatively, it is sometimes simply a matter of leaving it in your company’s car park. If you are not sure, ask someone in your company or send an email to

Regardless of where you return your leased car, it is important that you send an email to with the following information:

  • Which date your car will be ready for collection
  • From which address the car can be picked up - please state full company name and full address of pickup site
  • Name of contact person and telephone no. for contact person at pickup site

Your car will be picked up as soon as possible according to the collection date stated, and within 3 working days, at the latest.

You can also purchase your company car. Read more.

Checklist of items to return with the vehicle:

  • Summer-/winter tires
  • Other extra equipment belonging to the vehicle
  • The folder containing the manuals and the service book
  • Key card and radio card

Checklist of items to return in the reception of your company:

Upon the returning of your leased car, it is very IMPORTANT that all the keys are handed over to the hauler. Service book etc. must always be placed on the passenger seat or in the glove compartment.       

Costs of any deficiencies in the above will be charged to your company.

Please destroy the fuel card
Please destroy the fuel cards associated with the car. The cards are automatically blocked by LeasePlan.

Has the car been damaged?
If there is damage that is covered by insurance, and you haven’t already told us about it, please call +45 3673 8300.

Keep hold of your own equipment and accessories
If you have fitted your own equipment or accessories to the car, please remove them if you can do so without damaging the car.

The vehicle is sent off to be prepared and then sold by auction
When the lease expires, we send the vehicle to be prepared for sale. It is then sold by Internet auction through our CarNext division, who are specialists in the field.

Assessing and billing for damage
To ensure a fair process and that the damages are assessed and settled at a fair price the car is examined by third party. Of course, we don’t expect you to pay for normal wear and tear. Find out more in our ‘Fair, Wear and Tear’ brochures, which you can download from LeasePlan Online (requires password).

Billing of the damage amount and link to inspection report will be sent separately.
Questions regarding damages may be directed to our Car Remarketing department on 8873 8500.

In case of disagreements on the report, the customer is entitled to have a new inspection report done by another independent party. Expenses and arranging this rest with the customer.

The final inspection report is your confirmation that the car is finally handed over to LeasePlan, in the condition recorded.


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