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Buying your old car


When the lease expires you can purchase your company car on the same terms as professional dealers if the car policy in your company allows you to. The advantage from your point of view is that you know the vehicle’s history, and you don’t have to pay the dealer’s cut

Buy at Internet auctions – and avoid paying the dealer’s cut
All purchases go through our own Internet sales platform, Car-Next. Here you can bid for cars from your company, though maximum 1 per week. If yours is the highest bid, and it is higher that our minimum bid, the vehicle is yours. You must pay the purchase price immediately by bank transfer. Usually you will need to collect the vehicle from our vehicle storage facility in Vejle. Because you are buying the vehicle wholesale by auction, there’s no guarantee.

How to access the platform
Are you not sure whether your company's car policy permits purchase of your used leasing car, please check your car policy or alternatively ask the person who deals with vehicles in your company. This is also where you get the password for Car-Next which is all you need to get started.


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