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27 February 2012


Via the Ministry of Taxation, the Danish government has announced that henceforward it will be more expensive for the leasing companies to acquire new cars. You can see the announcement via this link.

From the announcement, it appears that the leasing companies no longer can use the current prices when calculating the vehicle registration fee. This means that the estimated leasing payment will increase, which entails a higher leasing payment for you as a customer as well as a higher tax base for your users.

At the present time, we do not know the full extent of these increases.

As stated, the legislative proposal will be effective as of its presentation to the Folketing / Danish Parliament. It has not been informed yet when this will take place.

The legislative proposal will have no effect on the existing leasing agreements.

We are currently working on getting further information.

As soon as we have more specific information, we will get back to you.

Until we know the consequences of the legislative proposal, we reserve the right to alter the leasing payment and tax base in our calculations.

In case you have any questions to the above, please do not hesitate to contact us.